Stage 5
Espalion Saint-Julien-Chapteuil
19 August 2019

Type Hilly
Distance 159 km
Climbing +3,139 m

Espalion (Aveyron)

 12:00 CET
 Rue Saint Joseph (Google Maps)

Saint-Julien-Chapteuil (Haute-Loire)

 16:00 CET (estim.)
 Rue Chaussade (Google Maps)
Stage 5 will still be "trapper" and the riders will finish with a positive difference in altitude. of more than 3000 m! Very quickly after the start, the road rises to reach the Aubrac plateau. With a positive difference in altitude of more than 3000m, this very uneven stage offers all the advantages for punching and daring runners... provided they have passed the first difficulty! Starting from the Aveyron, the stage will pass through the Lozère to reach the Haute Loire.
Racing highlights
  • KM 11
    GPM 2 - Côte de Condom d'Aubrac
  • KM 24
    KM 24 - Aubrac
  • KM 54.2
    Sprint - Aumont-Aubrac
  • KM 77.8
    GPM 4 - Col de la Baraque des Bouviers
  • KM 118.5
    GPM 3 - Côte de Landos
  • KM 131.2
    GPM 3 - Côte de Saint Martin de Fugère
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Start list
Full Results
Stage Ranking
Rider Time
Ben HEALY (CMC) 04h03'26"
Morten HULGAARD (DEN) 04h03'28"
Matteo JORGENSON (USA) 04h03'31"
4 Thomas PIDCOCK (GBR) 04h04'57"
5 Stefano OLDANI (ITA) 04h04'57"
General Classification
Rider Time
Simon GUGLIELMI (FRA) 15h42'00"
2 Giovanni ALEOTTI (ITA) 15h42'01"
3 Tobias FOSS (NOR) 15h42'41"
4 Torjus SLEEN (NOR) 15h42'42"
5 Damian LÜSCHER (SUI) 15h42'42"
Classification Jerseys & Prizes
 Green Thomas PIDCOCK (GBR)
 Polka-Dot Giovanni ALEOTTI (ITA)
 Most Aggressive Ben HEALY (CMC)
 KM 24
Team Classification
Team Time
1 ITALIE 45h49'16"
2 ALLEMAGNE 45h50'51"
3 FRANCE 45h50'57"
5 BELGIQUE 45h52'00"
Picture of the day
Ben HEALY (CMC) s'impose avec 2 secondes d'avance sur ses compagnons d'échappée. Photo © Tour de l'Avenir / E. Haumesser
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